the Relationship between brown1730 and Eopl sicp with hadoop

admin | July 21, 2019, 5:27 a.m.


I don't know people will talk about hadoop what,when I google how to learn big data ,I found a wiki answer,they say ,go to learn lambda first,that's is cs1730 teach.



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in the book top ones has the eopl and sicp,the publish data is sicp then them later.I want go through the brownCS directly,but when they talk about basic,and it's logic and exciting! electronic ,I search to a class on Introduction to Digital Logic   and I trust is the basic they need when I learn about lambda.almost has DrRacket to be learn and then dat,dat,almost there be a complier and almost have the book EOPL,talk about EOPL,you will think where the scheme ,and wher the possible to know,lisp,what that is? continue...

when I know the book,and go through the proface and how to say that the guy give the sence of kant sence the same words they discuss.when I show somebody how lisp between php language ,and I found the word Turing_completeness ,I though I found some thing evey different.when I learn on online I realize it's unpossible to know turing machine,but I want to know that,when I heard IT guys talk online commitiy about quantum computer,and after is more internet stuff if don't know more,they don't give the door open to guys like you.So when you belive there is a way to lisp ,so that in where,the Bible,the Bible ,the turing between  Gödel’s how the  computer come out they tell another way ,another way Turing_completeness,so Turing_completeness ... is a another in computer ,is the idea. the idea in sicp in PLT programming language lambda

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