I don't know what Exercise 1.3.3 will talk about,I think Abelson, Sussman and Sussman will say think about,can you guess

gyumni | Aug. 30, 2019, 8:47 a.m.

I guess need to use e132 and write (sum product)

if add b what will to test,if no b is also work 

try 3 5

is 9 25

a 3 b 5


if a > b

,that because it't resursive fast-prime?

sum is only +?

> (gcd 4 2)


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ilter on the terms to be combined
in the range that satisfy a specified condition
space is now term is and what the a b,with the term a directly,no,they don't

term space next is next prime,next do get the a + 1 is prime or not  a + 1 is Prime yes a+1 so filter is next now and next is + a 1

define filter a (next a)(just a littlte filter)

if a > b


if prime? a a

 filter(next a)

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