how I can finish a website

admin | July 8, 2019, 5:23 a.m.

这不是CMS AD,我们不会告诉一些人如何建造,花费多少,但时间和想法,如果你想建立,做,学习,一个网站,做你喜欢做的事。所以我该如何完成它,这是一个很长的故事,但我可以说我完成了CS50,我从MOOC和baiduwiki和Sololearn以及w3shool和YouTube以及freecamp和MDN之前花了我八个月的时间。 Cssic和Micsoft以及CS50学习CS50,我想说,但你知道它的背面。所以现在是时候打开Eopl,编程语言的基础,然后去,它是Java C go和PHP .Net ... Idon'知道可能是javascript和JSX或SiC粒子或更多。我不知道只是为了完成它。This is not CMS AD, we will not tell some people how to build, how much it costs, but time and ideas, if you want to build, do, learn, a website, do what you like to do. So how do I finish it, this is a very long story, but I can say that I finished the CS50, it took me eight months, before I got it from MOOC and baiduwiki and solorarn and w3shool and on YouTube as well as freecamp and MDN As well as Cssic and Micsoft as well as CS50 and then CS50, I want to say it, but you know the back of it. So now it's time to open Eopl, the basics of programming languages, and then go, it's Java C go and PHP .Net ... Idon' know maybe javascript and JSX or SiC particles or more. I don't know just to finish it.

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